EP 29 // Being Authentic On Social Media with Social Media Expert Jenna Warriner

Ep 29- Jenna Warriner

If you have ever said to yourself: I am not wired for social media or social, or it's too scary. I'm not sure how to show up authentically. I don't know what to post. How do I get people to buy for me? Or how can I sell on social media? Then this is the podcast episode for you!

In today's episode, Akua interviews Jenna Warriner, a social media expert, about leveraging social media. Jenna shares all her favorite tips and tricks that help her clients show up on social media with ease. She walks through all the steps that are necessary for a good social media strategy and the secret on how to stay consistent. 

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What's Covered in this Episode About Content Strategy

  • Why social media is essential for your business and how to attract the right clients
  • How to make the most of your time and energy with social media 
  • The key to developing a social media strategy that you can stick to
  • How to stay consistent on social media
  • Make social media posts about your audience, don't focus so much on yourself
  • Make social media easy, so you stick to it
  • Plan when you're going to be selling
  • Masculine versus feminine marketing
  • Tips on how to create content faster

Quotes from this Episode of Open Door Conversations

  • "Creating content that gives back and also thinking about your product or service as something that gives back to other people, because it does otherwise it wouldn't exist." - Jenna Warriner
  • "Putting your followers first and sort of embracing this attraction or content marketing, not the terms were used, but leaning into the feminine side of marketing, so that you're just putting out value and people will find you and trust that people know what it is that you do." - Jenna Warriner
  • "Choose when you're going to sell when you're going to nurture and when you're going to grow, whether it's a few times a year, or once a month, choose when you're going to hard push whatever it is that you sell, so that you don't go to Instagram or LinkedIn in desperation." - Jenna Warriner

Get to Know this Episode's Guest

Instagram: @jennaspaige
Jenna's Program: Your Magic Marketing Machine

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Since 2018, she has had the opportunity to partner with amazing organizations, from high-growth startups to multinational brands all around the world, to maximize people, performance, and profit.  Outside of her coaching and corporate speaking engagements, she is a regular mentor, coach, and judge for various entrepreneurship-focused organizations.

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