EP 27 // I'm still a Reluctant Thought Leader - How I Leverage LinkedIn

Ep 27

1This episode of the Open Door Conversations Podcast is for those who are serious about growing their brand in 2022. While a lot of people may have goals of reaching new highs, without leveraging social media, it will be hard to grow. Whether you are using social media but are not consistent, or maybe you are shy and reluctant, hopefully, this episode will help inspire you to build awesome things this year.

In today’s episode, Akua shares her approach to Linkedin. She gives great tips and talks about the things she’s learned through her experiences in her own business and also what she learned by working with her clients. There are many different reasons why brands should be on LinkedIn, and Akua walks through all of them. While some may be hesitant to utilize this platform after listening to this episode, you will learn why this social media tool can help bring you major success!

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Highlights from the episode:

What LinkedIn can help you with

  • Find new opportunities like speaking engagements, interviews, training, and workshops.
  • Stay on top of trends
  • Share experiences/lessons
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Have honest conversations in a safe space

And it won’t….

  • Take too much of your time.
  • Work if you outsource all of the work

Resources Mentioned

Akua’s 1:1 coaching: Leadership Coaching 

Akua’s Uplevel Your LinkedIn program (+15-minute LinkedIn Checklist)


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