EP 22: Firefighting!

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This episode of the Open Door Conversations Podcast is for the firefighting leader. If you feel that you have to redo your team’s work to make it better, you are always needed to solve problems as they arise, or you are overworking to avoid feeling guilty, you might be addicted to fighting fires.  

In today’s episode, Akua shares what it looks like to be a firefighting leader. Before you can fix this issue, you must recognize that it is happening and that you are the main reason it happens. Once you cultivate your awareness around the issue and see the impact it has on your team and their productivity, then you can work to create a plan that keeps you from fighting fires as they pop up.  

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Highlights from the episode:

  • Raising your awareness to discover if you are a firefighting leader
  • Using strategic planning instead of firefighting with your team 
  • Why firefighting leadership is not sustainable  
  • The myths behind hustle culture and success
  • Knowing when and how to pivot if needed 


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