EP 19: #AskAkua Episode // Live Coaching Session to Gain Confidence With Negotiating

Ep 19

Negotiation comes naturally to some and is quite uncomfortable for others. In this Ask Akua episode, she welcomes her client, Morgan. Morgan is the founder of Geometric, a handcrafted accessories and apparel brand in Ghana.  

Akua and Morgan walk through a coaching session to discuss negotiation conversations focusing on negotiations for startups and small businesses. In this real-time coaching session, you will hear Akua and Morgan get to the root of the negotiation troubles Morgan has experienced and together brainstorm ways to prepare for future negotiations. After listening to this episode, you too can feel more confident going into your next negotiation.

The audio quality of this episode is not great, but I promise you it's worth listening to.

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Highlights from the episode:

  • Dealing with time and revenue urgency when negotiation
  • Creating a negotiation checklist to prepare ahead of time
  • Developing scripts and boundaries for yourself before you begin a negotiation 
  • Creating expectations based on the experiences you have had 

Resources from the episode:

Connect with Morgan’s shop:

Instagram: @geometric.gh

Website: https://www.buygeometric.com/


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