EP 04 // Returning to Ghana and Building Brands with Healer, Writer, and Spiritual Warrior Araba Ofori-Acquah

Ep 03 - Araba Ofori-Acquah

In today's episode from The Open Door Conversation Podcast, Akua gets the chance to talk with an incredible writer, healer, and entrepreneur living back home in Accra, Ghana. Araba Ofori-Acquah is committed to helping Africans, and Diasporans connect with wellness in order to find their own potential, magic, and power. Araba is currently writing a book focused on many different ways to be African and ways to use ancient African wellness. She also teaches yoga and meditation and works to promote local Black businesses in Ghana through one of her businesses called Buy Black Ghana.

During this episode, Akua and Araba talk about reconnecting with home not just physically but also in spiritual, emotional, and mental ways. Renewing your relationship with ancient African culture is not just going to visit or live in your ancestral home; there are many ways to connect and support the developing continent. Through the show, you will get a better understanding of where Araba came from, what her journey in Ghana has been so far, and her plans for the future. She will reveal major life lessons she has gained since living in Ghana and her challenges and triumphs in building a wellness business.

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What's Covered in this Episode About Spiritual Wellness

  • Recognizing and checking your privilege even if you are Black
  • African centered wellness
  • Ways to support the development of Africa
  • What to keep in mind if you want to move to Accra

Quotes from this Episode of Open Door Conversations

  • "I think a lot of it comes down to you just have to try things, you have to have your own personal experience." - Araba Ofori-Acquah
  • "My mission is to help Africans and diasporans connect with wellness and also to help our people realise how amazing we are basically, so realise, realise that potential and magic and beauty and as individuals, but also as a people." - Araba Ofori-Acquah
  • "So by black Ghana is just about festival, providing support to some of the founders, that could be through marketing support through coaching through, including them on our campaigns, but also actually showcasing these incredible brands that we have, not just here in Ghana, but also showing them to the diaspora." - Araba Ofori-Acquah

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Get to Know this Episode's Guest

Instagram: @araba.oa
Buy Black Ghana Instagram: @buyblack.gh

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