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Thank you so much for your interest in my work and content.  I can only work with a few people and organizations at a time so I wanted to put together a resource to offer additional ways to engage with me and other ways to get support.

You are welcome to engage with me through my social media platforms:

  • Monthly I dedicate a podcast episode (#AskAkua) to answer audience questions. Complete this form here to have me answer your question.
  • Weekly I host an Instagram Live and Clubhouse Conversation (search 'akuanm') - join me
  • Ask me a direct question via email and I will reply with a video similar to this.
  • leave me a comment on IG or LinkedIn
  • Join one of my open events here.

Join one of the many organizations and communities I am a part of:

Finally, I do have some self-paced courses and do-it-yourself programs.

Please get in touch at info@akuanm.com to get a full list of my available resources.


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