Your Weaknesses Don't Matter


Ok, that is not entirely true, but what I want to suggest is that you focus on how best to leverage your strengths instead.

I love using assessments to learn more about myself and to share how others can use me more effectively.

This week I wanted to share an assessment I sometimes use with my clients:

How You Self Sabotage

I love this assessment because it gives you the vocabulary to talk about some of the things that hold us back.  

When I need to help a leader explain some of the negative ways in which they can come across, I share this assessment because it provides you a list of saboteurs that we all have within us. 

I recently completed a program around this assessment and coaching is a great way to help you develop techniques to keep the saboteurs from hijacking your ability to engage, connect, and achieve your goals.


Want to learn your top Saboteurs? Click here.

Share this with someone who needs some support learning more about how they are perceived.




P.S - If you want to nail leveraging your personality, consider joining my leadership group coaching program - I’m now accepting applications and will be taking everyone through a highly validated assessment and how to make the most of their strengths.  Sign up to join the waitlist here > www.akuanm.com/unleash


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