It Took Me Almost 30 Years to Learn This

Week 30

I turned another year older yesterday and to celebrate, I wanted to share one lesson that has taken the support of experts and years to learn, and I’m still working on it.

How to label and work through my emotions.

For some reason, when I was a kid, I decided that feelings were bad. Whenever I had a strong emotional reaction to something, I would get angry at myself, making myself feel worse. I couldn’t even name what I was feeling beyond I’m frustrated, or I’m mad.

For any of you that have worked with me directly, you know, I like to ask how you are feeling towards something you are trying to achieve and share a wheel that includes dozens of options for emotions.

I share that because identifying my emotions has been a crucial part of my ability to grow as a leader, entrepreneur, and human.

Awareness has genuinely been the key to my growth, and that is why I am continually sharing content around it.

I recently listened to this podcast (you can also read the original blog post here), and I was super excited because it succinctly outlined what had taken me years to recognize and practice.


So when you get a chance, please check the "feeling wheel," hit reply, and let me know how you feel. Remember, your feelings impact your behaviors (even when you think you have it handled) and, ultimately, your results. 

Finally, I never thought I would ever work for myself, so thank you so much for taking the time to read this email and for your continued support. If you were thinking of getting me something for my birthday, the fact that you open my emails and read my thoughts is the 'bestest' gift ever.

Please share this post with someone with whom you share your 'feelings'.

GET STARTED by sharing how you feel with me.  

LEARN more about my relationship with ‘people’ by listening to my podcast interview (LINK).

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