Why I Updated My Instagram & Twitter


2020 is the year in which I'm focusing on Exponential Value and Visibility.  A huge part of being able to achieve this is transforming my vision and theme into actionable and achievable goals.  I want my social media handles to reflect the value I provide. You can follow my journey to experience my vision here.

Research shows that service providers have to engage with potential clients 7+ before clients decide to work with them. Great content pre-sells my coaching and will allow me to demostrate my credibility and build trust.  My social media profiles are the perfect place to share how I work, who I work with, and celebrate the clients I have served. 

My approach to updating my social media profiles was pretty straight forward:

  1. Reflected on what I wanted to share and what I felt was important
  2. Stalked other online service providers and decided on what would help convert potential clients
  3. Started drafting the biographical and company information I wanted to share
  4. Continued to cut down to make sure I had the right number of characters for each profile.  For Instagram kept in mind, there is a 150 character for the Bio and 30 characters for the Name section.
  5. Added emojis to make the profile bios more visual
  6. Tested the profile on several different browsers and phones to make sure it would be seen.
  7. Asked for feedback.

Let me break it down even further for you.


Original Instagram Profile

This is what my Instagram Profile used to look like before updating it.  Though it has a lot of information, it does not succinctly describe what I do and the services I provide. 

Updated Instagram

Some of the critical elements of my profile I wanted to share:

A.  I invested in getting an excellent professional photograph

B.  I updated my Name to include my title so that I would have more space in my bio

C. The first line is on what I teach and what I love to share about on social media. I genuinely believe that the 'key' to success is emotional intelligence (people) and getting sh*t done (productivity).

D. The transformation and value I provide and who I work with.

E. Another information piece of information related to my interest in expanding coaching across the continent.

F. A freebie that people can leverage to get an idea of the type of content and value I provide

G. My webpage where people can get additional information about my work. I create my page in Simplero rather than use another link building software.

H. I created simple Story Highlight Covers in PowerPoint to help my account look polished.

I. I wanted to share that earlier on; I changed my Instagram handle so it would be more professional and match my twitter handle. 


Though I do not use Twitter consistently, I sometimes get tagged in tweets. I needed to update my profile, so people understood what I do.

Old Twitter Profile

My original profile was good but had too much information. I thought I was building trust by sharing my previous work and where I went to school but realized the handles were taking up real estate where I could share what I do.  I am not interested in having people click on my graduate school programs; I want them to sign up to work with me.  I still have some work to do on my profile, but I am happy with what I have so far.

Updated Twitter

A. I need to make better use of this header image. I plan to share information about my programs and upcoming events.

B. I love this picture.  Once again, investing in a professional photo helps to increase my value.

C. My name is straight forward

D. My handle is the same as Instagram

E. My bio is focused on what I currently do and who I service

F. I reused the same web page I built to help people connect with me.

I hope to use Twitter more in 2020 in an automated way and believe with my profile set up in this way; it will increase the number of people who understand and can communicate my value and the services I provide.

Get in touch if you want to learn more about my process and the tools I used to update my online presence.


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