Favorite Leadership Newsletters

Leadership Newsletters

The best way to eliminate the status quo and uplevel your approach is to open yourself up to learning and implementing.  My favorite way to stay up to date with leadership focused content is by subscribing to newsletters. 

I’m obsessed with newsletters. I am subscribed to thousands.  I even use Unroll.me to help manage all my newsletters in my personal and work inboxes. 

I always make time to open and skim through these leadership focused newsletters: 

  • Julie Zhuo - LOVE her work focused on new managers. She still has a day job, several kids, and works at Facebook as a Product VP.
  • Coaching For Leaders - LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I share his podcasts with clients all the time. He interviews some of the most exciting thought leaders and weekly has a digest of his podcast, related podcasts, and gives out a TON of resources from leadership focused books. 
  • Leading Inward - LOVE LOVE the two men behind this newsletter.  The newsletter is so thoughtful and concise. The men behind this newsletter spent a large part of their professional life working in Africa.
  • Liz and Mollie - Maybe I should increase my vocabulary, so I no longer use - LOVE - but these women have taken some of the most interesting work-related concepts and turned them into entertaining illustrations that resonate. I love their approach to helping individuals become more self-aware and lean into their emotions at work. This one isn’t leadership specific, but every leader should read their content. You will be giggling half the time; the other half, you will be nodding your head in agreement.

Where do you get your leadership focused advice?  Let me know if you have subscribed to any of these newsletters.


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