Image: @sew_africa

Image: @sew_africa

In addition to facilitating 1:1 conversations, Akua creates safe spaces for groups to engage, learn, align and thrive. She delivers actionable workshops and presentations around the following topics:

How to engage your team and build culture to win: Having built a team and brand from the ground up, Akua has experience recruiting and managing individuals towards a common goal.  Focusing on developing a shared language and building trust and safety, Akua challenges clients to improve connections and awareness.

How to move forward and build grit as a leader in the face of uncertainty: Being a leader can be lonely.  Being a startup leader can be not only lonely but very confusing.  Akua was given the opportunity to launch an online business at the age of 25.  Leveraging her experience as a fast-growing startup leader, Akua encourages clients to cultivate habits that will enable them to be more resilient and productive.

How to build self-awareness and a growth mindset: Understanding our preferences, building on opportunities for growth and communicating our strengths is key to being successful.  With the aid of personality and cognitive assessments, Akua helps increase clients’ ability to reflect and move forward.

How to communicate for impact: Communication is crucial in every aspect of our lives.  Whether we are engaging with potential investors, superiors or reprimanding a member of our team it determines how we interact with others and how we feel about ourselves.  Akua outlines the three main styles of communication (passive, assertive and aggressive), their differences and how clients can leverage their innate preferences to appropriately assert themselves. 

Akua is also certified to administer and interpret highly validated assessments in a group setting, can facilitate a conversation around the following books and resources or build a customized workshop for your team or group event.

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What People say

“I was not sure what to expect and if it would be valuable, but the key messages were simple yet impactful.  Sharing experiences with professionals from industries outside my sphere including creative and tech was my favorite part of the session.”

Yetunde O. - Associate Director, PwC, Leadership Masterclass Participant