Akua’s role in her programs and services vary and so does her approach, based on a thorough assessment of her client’s needs and goals.  She leverages the following methodologies to support and create safe spaces of trust for her clients and their teams:


My coaching is guided by the ICF Code of Ethics. I focus on your agenda and champion your goals to keep you on track.  My coaching is focused on helping expand your awareness through envisioning and experimenting.  Working with me forces you to be accountable to your interests. Your result? A more aligned personal and professional life.  

  • Your Agenda

  • Champion

  • Expand Awareness

  • Experiment

  • Alignment

  • Envisioning

  • Accountability


I leverage training techniques, tools, and best practice frameworks to help you structure your challenges, develop essential skills, and move forward with sustainable approaches.


  • Techniques

  • Tools

  • Best Practice Frameworks

  • Structure


I regularly conduct market research and I am constantly reading about new approaches. I pass on these resources and insights to you. I am also certified to administer and interpret the results of highly validated assessments that can help you make faster, more informed decisions about behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that might be getting in the way.

  • Research

  • Resources

  • Highly Validated Assessments


I share my previous experience and leverage my existing relationships and networks to help you build trust and achieve your professional and personal goals faster.


  • Trust

  • Experience

  • Network