How I Make the Most of My Career As an INTJ


I used to cringe at the thought of making calls. I would tell my close friends that I hated small talk and would avoid any and every opportunity to interact with strangers, especially in a group setting. The thought of having a more than a five-minute conversation on the phone, even with someone I knew well, used to freak me out. 

Now I have one to two-hour conversations for a living, and sometimes it is difficult to get me to shut up during my sessions. I genuinely and...

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How Well Positioned is Your Career?


Wherever you are in your career - how well positioned are you?

Beyond technical skills and the obvious of course.

To get a job and keep it, you need more than technical skills.

In October 2019 I was asked to be part of a panel on career positioning in the digital age alongside representatives from the largest banks and financial institutions in Nigeria including Ecobank.

Before the panel, I was given the opportunity to present my thoughts on the most important skills for CFA (Chartered...

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Investing in Myself for Others


Since 2017 I have invested over $50k into my personal and professional development

So, I was initially shocked (and scared to share this) when I calculated the numbers, but I was really curious and inspired by a coach I have worked with who has done something similar.  I invested a little over $25k in mostly coaching and consulting related education and business development if I remove the $30k I spent on my leadership-focused MBA.  

So far, I have invested in:

  • Therapy
  • ...

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Favorite Mindset Podcasts

Favorite Podcasts.png

I listen to these podcasts regularly and they always are shifting how I think about certain topics and behaviors.


In coaching, we generally believe that our thoughts impact our emotions which ultimately impact our behavior or actions. 

What you listen to and believe has a large impact on your ability to get things done.

What are you listening to? Is it helping you move forward or holding you back?...

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