About ME


Scaling rapidly? I’ve Been There.

Putting together a team quickly? I got you.

Want to make sure you are on the right path? Me too.

I spent over four years building and growing an online business as a regional Managing Director at Africa’s first tech unicorn, Jumia Group (formerly Africa Internet Group). While there, I co-founded Ghana's best online real estate marketplace (Jumia House, formerly Rocket Internet's Lamudi) and was promoted to run Jumia House Nigeria. While at Jumia, the teams I led transformed the way real estate developers and agents conducted their business. We introduced hundreds of companies to online marketing and turned agents into agencies.  In late 2017, I assisted in finalizing the merger of both the Ghana and Nigeria platform to competitors and was instrumental in the transition.

Throughout my life, I've had diverse experiences. I’ve lived and worked in West, North, Southern and East Africa and continue to take advantage of opportunities to travel. I’m a former Americorps volunteer in environmental education, former Executive Committee Member at The Hague International MUN (THIMUN) Youth Network (TYN) and a current member of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance. 

My decision to complete a professional coaching credential and a leadership-focused MBA stems from my desire to help people be more intentional and build systems to accomplish their professional goals.


LovE Consistent Change and challenges

I was Lamudi Ghana’s (Jumia House) first employee and spent 4 years recruiting and growing the brand in Ghana. I was asked to take over the Nigerian platform in 2015. My team sizes ranged from over 50 employees down to 20 employees. In November 2017 we disbanded the team and the platforms.


OBSESSED with African Entrepreneurs

In addition to being inducted into the 2017 Class of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance, I was a volunteer Program Manager from 2016 to 2017. The alliance is a network of highly educated young African entrepreneurs spearheading high impact social and business ventures across Africa.


Always learning and teaching

I spent a year working as an Americorps volunteer in Environmental education and restoration after completing my masters in 2010. I spent 99% of my time outdoors learning and communicating to volunteers /students the importance of our environmental resources.